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Identify and quantify current strengths and future opportunities in your food retail operations. The Food Retail Store-Level Assessment delivers a concise overview of your business’s equipment efficiencies and best operational practices, resulting in a quantifiable impact report of your operations- current and potential.

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Ratio Institute State of the Industry Report for Food Retail

Why take the Assessment?

Whether this is your first step towards operational sustainability or a milestone years into your journey, the Store-Level Assessment will highlight relevant, practical areas to improve your bottom line while reducing your business’s footprint. Potential upgrades and process improvements are tailored to the industry so you can make informed decisions without sifting through unnecessary data. Your report includes comparison of current utility costs against ‘best in class’ rates, helping you make strategic decisions about energy usage and purchase agreements.

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The financial and climate impact of your current operations, including: equipment in place, no-cost operational practices, utility rate comparisons, waste and recycling, water usage, refrigerants, and air infiltration.


Potential areas for profit improvement, from no-cost practices that reduce your energy consumption today to capital improvements you can plan down the road.


With current best practices in food retail and use your results to engage customers and associates with your store’s mission.


Operations and equipment with the biggest impact to your bottom line and develop a roadmap for the long term health of your business.

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