The Nation’s ‘Gold Standard’ Grocery Certification Program Acquired By Ratio Institute

SANTA CRUZ, CA – Ratio Institute, a project of Ecology Action of Santa Cruz, California, announced today that it has acquired the Grocery Stewardship Certification (GSC) from Manomet, Inc. of Massachusetts. Launched in 2012, the Grocery Stewardship Certification program works with regional and national grocery retailers to identify, prioritize, and implement sustainable operating practices in their stores. More than 1,000 grocery stores across North America are receiving actionable and comprehensive sustainability data from this program.

“Prioritizing resource and energy efficiency is critical for the grocery industry and for a more sustainable planet,” said Andy Whitman, Director of Sustainable Economies at Manomet. “We are excited to transition the Grocery Stewardship Certification to Ratio Institute and look forward to seeing the growth and success of this program going forward.”

The Grocery Stewardship Certification was launched by Manomet, Inc. as the nation’s first and, at the time, only grocery sustainability program offering a structured way for stores to develop and implement practices to reduce resource use and waste. With the transition to Ratio Institute, the Grocery Stewardship Certification platform will continue to serve the grocery industry as a powerful addition to Ratio Institute’s rapidly growing set of sustainability evaluation and measurement offerings. Ratio Institute will continue to invest in the GSC as part of a plan to provide resources to the grocery industry focused on sustainable practices, process improvement, technology, training, and thought leadership.

Aaron Daly, Principal of Ratio Institute, said, “We are excited to add this best-in-class platform to our portfolio. The GSC has driven substantive impact and value over the past eight years and will be an important addition to Ratio Institute as we serve the grocery industry going forward. Not only is this a fantastic platform as it stands, but we are working with a number of major grocery brands that have expressed serious interest in the value of the program and its future evolution.”

Ratio Institute began administering the GSC Program on December 8th, 2020. It is headquartered at the Ecology Action main office in Santa Cruz, CA.


About Ratio Institute

Ratio Institute is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating measurable sustainability and viability in food retail through expert collaboration, industry resources, and practical tools. The Ratio Institute team has worked with over 1,000 grocery stores and 20 grocery chains to create store- and enterprise-level sustainability solutions that reduce costs, shift internal cultures, and improve overall performance. Ratio Institute is a project of Ecology Action. Learn more at ratioinstitute.org.

About Ecology Action

Ecology Action is a California-based 501c3 nonprofit and leading provider of innovative marketing and engagement programs that help people, businesses, and communities reduce their energy use and achieve environmental sustainability. We partner with investor-owned utilities, government agencies, and community leaders to design and implement programs that help people make simple yet profound changes that have a big environmental impact. We believe that simple changes in individuals’ behavior drive large-scale changes that benefit everyone and the planet. This translates to reduced carbon emissions, stronger businesses, healthier communities, and a sustainable future for all. Together, we help people, businesses, and communities act now. Learn more at ecoact.org.

About Manomet, Inc.

Located across the Western Hemisphere with a 40-acre campus in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Manomet is a nonprofit founded in 1969. Since Manomet’s beginnings as a bird banding operation, its science and research have expanded to focus on ecosystem management and resilience, shorebird conservation, and educating tomorrow’s leaders about the importance of the natural world. Diversity, science, and climate change are the fundamental principles driving Manomet’s work today. Visit www.manomet.org for more information.

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